Our History
ETS was founded in 2001 as a transportation provider. President/CEO, Paulette Hamilton recognized the need for better management and reorganization for organizations that were in desperate need of transportation management. The passengers were not getting the quality service that they needed and the transportation vendors were not being held to higher standards and managed properly. ETS is unique when compared to other transportation management companies, in that we also provide transportation services via our company owned fleet of vehicles. ETS manages its own fleet because some trips are more cost effective when they are not performed by a sub-contractor. This micro-management style has proven to be more efficient within the overall brokerage concept.

ETS expanded from being a pure non-emergency transportation provider to becoming a unique outsourcing solution because we knew it just made economic sense to utilize technology to facilitate one central manager for certain gatekeeping processes. But we also knew the benefits of sub-contracting with multiple local transportation suppliers to deliver the actual trip service –especially in rural areas where coverage may be limited.

Scope Of Services
ETS’s core services includes Medicaid recipient eligibility verification and screening, trip scheduling and routing. The company will sub-contract with; and monitor the performance of third-party local transportation companies (providers) that will provide the actual trip service. In that capacity, ETS will also perform provider billing verification and

trip reimbursement, while ensuring overall quality assurance.The result has been a proven ability to bring significant cost savings and fraud reduction, while increasing overall service quality, cultivation and support of small business ownership.

ETS has significantly increased healthcare access for millions of society’s most medically and physically fragile populations.

The Transportation
Network Model

The brokerage model offers commercial organizations a complete, single contract, outsourcing solution for their specialized transportation needs. ETS market approach centralizes management of certain gate-keeping processes through our local operations center, ETS sophisticated network operations center technology in combination with field management of local transportation companies or “providers” ensure the appropriate level of service (NON-Ambulatory, ambulatory, stretchers, and wheelchairs) is provided in the most efficient satisfactory manner. Prior to this approach, a fragmented system of multiple providers offering varying levels of service existed.

Our approach benefits our clients with significant cost savings, budget control and support for disease management and preventative care. At the same, Medicaid populations gain the benefit of increased access and enhanced service. Our experience also gives us the insights and sensitivities required in successfully working with medically and/or physically fragile customers.

Our Leadership Team
ETS’s senior management team is made up of individuals with a vast array of professional experience and backgrounds. Each member brings a different perspective, creating a well-rounded and effective leadership team. Our executives share in common a passion to succeed with an emphasis on excellence, integrity, and client service. Their leadership instills this culture throughout our organization.

Paulette Hamilton
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